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Top Ten Ideas Valentine’s Day

  1. Spend the entire day speaking in nothing but conversation heart phrases. Not sure how much you’ll get done, but it’ll be interesting!
  2. Host a virtual “Galentine’s Day”  Party – celebrate your besties with a safe, socially distanced soiree.  (Don’t think I’ve forgotten about the men – yours is a Palentine’s Day Party – you’re welcome!)
  3. Grab a box of Kleenex and watch “An Affair To Remember” – the sweetest and saddest love story ever.  A cautionary tale of how cellphones not being invented almost ruined their lives.
  4. Send flowers to someone you love – your husband, your grandma, your sister.  Today is a day to celebrate any kind of love, not just the hot, sexy stuff.
  5. See how many chocolates from that heart-shaped box you get can fit in your mouth at once.  Bonus challenge – make sure at least one of those pieces is a chocolate-covered caramel.
  6.  Tell the special people in your live that you love them. Life gets busy, especially in these weird pandemic times. Take a moment to connect with your loved ones and let them know how special they are to you.  
  7. Get out your scissors and glitter and make an old-fashioned valentine for your sweetie.  Homemade gifts are the best!
  8. Learn how to play Hearts.  Best card game ever!
  9. Bake a heart-shaped anything – cookies, cake, pancakes.  
  10. Get the book lover in your life a copy of Rising Starand celebrate their love of reading!

Happy Tuesday & Happy Valentine’s Day!💕

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