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10 Ways To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day and everyone is a little Irish on that day! I’m 25% Irish, so I should know.

Here are some fun ways to celebrate the day:

  1. Drive the snakes out just like St. Patrick did, though depending on your command of wildlife and access to snakes this might not be the best option for everyone.
  2. Bake soda bread. Chock full of raisins and currants, it’s a delicious taste of Ireland.
  3. Watch The Derry Girls on Netflix- a hysterical glimpse of teenage life in Ireland during The Troubles
  4. Enjoy a Guinness! Brewed in the heart of Dublin, research has found this tasty stout can actually lower your cholesterol.  
  5. Why not try to set a Guinness World Record? Maybe it’s time to put your baton twirling talent to the test!
  6. Enjoy a Mint Scotch Mallow from Sees candy.  It is a little bit of heaven on earth.
  7. Read a book written an Irish author– Oscar Wild, Cecelia Ahern, Maeve Binchy, Bram Stoker are just a few of my favorites.
  8. Learn how to make the perfect Irish coffee or just have of fun drinking whiskey while your morning coffee is brewing.  No judgements here.
  9. Listen to a few Irish bands – U2, The Dropkick Murphys, The Corrs, The Cranberries, The Dubliners, The Chieftains.
  10. Have a Shamrock Shake.

Happy Tuesday!🍀🍀

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