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Springtime is Here!

Cue the cute baby animals, massive cleaning and the return of longer days.  Here are some great ways to enjoy your spring days, socially distanced of course. 

Tackle those closet and drawers – Donate rid of clothes or items you no longer need. Get rid of that pile of junk mail or old take out menus.  Decluttering your living space is a wonderful way to refresh your living space and your spirit.

Take a chance on something new – Watch a yoga video, try to a new kind of food, learn how to paint.  Trying something for the first time is a fun way to hit the reset button.  A new activity can boost your energy and change your outlook. 

Get Planting – Planting bright fragrant flowers are a great way to celebrate spring.  

Roll down the windows and crank up the music – No better way to celebrate a sunny afternoon by rolling down the windows when you drive and blasting your favorite tunes.

Watch the sunset – Set aside some time to enjoy the end of the day. Alone or with your favorite person, seeing the sun slip below the horizon and the first stars appear is a luxurious way to end the day.

Exercise– Longer days and warmer temperatures are great motivation to get off the couch and get moving. Take a walk, go for a swim, shot some hoops – leave your winter hibernation behind and get your body moving.

Whatever you do to celebrate spring, I hope you enjoy yourself.

Happy Tuesday!💕

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