• The Palisadian Post
    On February 18, 2021 I had one of those ‘pinch me’ moments when my hometown paper, The Palisadian Post published an interview with Karina Eid. A big thank you goes out to Trino Alvarez for taking the photo the paper used.
  • Deborah Kalb Books
    On January 31, 2021 Deborah Kalb posted an interview with me about Rising Star on her website. Deborah worked for two decades as a Washington D.C. journalist. She is now an author of several books including The President and Me children’s book series, Magic Hat and co-author of Haunting Legacy: Vietnam and the American Presidency… Continue reading Deborah Kalb Books
  • Jaime’s World
    On January 26, 2021 – Jaime’s World featured an excerpt of RISING STAR for my RockStar Blog Tour. Check it out:
  • The Scribe Owl – Review
    January, 24, 2021 – Alex is an avid reader and recent winner of The Sunshine Blogger Award. Alex runs a website called The Scribe Owl and recently reviewed RISING STAR and I’m happy to share their wonderful review. If you are looking for your next read, check out The Scribe Owl website for honest reviews.
  • A Dream Within A Dream Interview
    On January 21, 2021 A Dream Within A Dream hosted a spot on my RockStar Blog Tour. Check it out: