I really enjoyed Dani’s story!! What a life for a fifteen year old. Looking forward to seeing her career success.

B. Gentes Menz

Loved reading about Dani and her rise to stardom. Burning Bright can’t come fast enough!

M. Atwood

What a great read! RISING STAR brings to life the joys and the struggles Dani Truehart faces while chasing her dream of becoming a rock star. Every success Dani achieves makes me smile and the difficult times tug at my heart. This book is filled with the emotions only a teenage girl can exude. Michele Kwasniewski’s writing style allows me to fall into the book and experience every up and down Dani does as if I were living it myself. Finishing RISING STAR leaves you wanting more. As Dani Truehart’s journey continues, you can bet I will be reading it and cheering for her.

C. Dicker

Rising Star is such a sweet read. The reader is swept along with Dani on her life-long journey from shy people-pleaser to budding pop star. Dani struggles to find a balance between the two worlds…her newly found stardom and her beloved ordinary family and friends. At the center of it all, is her domineering stage mom. This is a very fun read!

D. Tarvin

This is an absolutely amazing debut novel from this writer. Her marriage of engaging characters and interesting stories is simply outstanding. While it is an obvious must-read for its YA target audience, I think you will love it if you once were a teenage girl (I was not) or parent to one (I was). The way this writer guides us through the trials and tribulations of Dani Truehart trying to navigate the path from adolescence to young adulthood—while in the public eye—is amazing. What a treat!

J. Perez-Gillespie