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The highly anticipated YA novel is the first in THE RISE AND FALL OF DANI TRUEHART SERIES from debut YA author Michele Kwasniewski.

Best Young Adult Fiction Novel Rising Star

About RISING STAR, a New Young Adult Novel

In the first book in THE RISE AND FALL OF DANI TRUEHART series, RISING STAR, fifteen-year-old Dani Truehart is living a life that is not quite her own. On the brink of discovery, doubts begin to creep into Dani’s mind as she questions her own desire for fame. She wonders whether she can trust the motivations of the adults who are driving her forward.

Isolated from her life at home and trying to stay apace with her demanding schedule, Dani struggles to find her voice as an artist and stay connected to those she loves. Finding herself unprepared to handle the pressures of her future singing career, Dani’s debut album and future stardom are at risk of falling apart.

While [Rising Star] is an obvious must-read for its YA audience, I think you will love it if you once were a teenage girl (I was not) or parent to one (I was).

J. Perez-Gillespie

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If you love the music world and wonder what it takes to “make it” in the business, then Rising Star may be the book for you. Fifteen year old Dani Truehart is the main character, and in the book she describes her journey to earning a recording deal. Plenty of obstacles and drama follow her….. an overbearing stage mom, separation from her friends and family, and the pressures of her training. I found this to be an interesting story that moved at a good pace. I think the YA reader would especially enjoy it.

Kelly Cantrell

I honestly did not expect much from Rising Star, but it completely blew me away! I don’t often read contemporary, but I’m glad I read this one. I love books and music, so a book about music is right up my alley! 

Fifteen-year-old Dani Truehart is living a life that is not quite her own. Driven by her mother’s desire for fame and fortune, she has spent her childhood dutifully training for a career as a pop star. After a stellar audition, Dani is thrown full-force into the music industry. She leaves her friends, family, and scheming mother behind to move into the Malibu compound of her new manager, Jenner Redman. Isolated from her life at home and trying to stay apace with her demanding schedule, Dani struggles to keep in touch with those she loves, connect to her withholding mother and find her voice as an artist. 

When I opened the book, I was apprehensive. The writing was simple and everything started out a little slow. It didn’t take long for everything to pick up! The plot gained speed and the writing fit the story perfectly. 

One of my favorite aspects of the book was how we got to take a look into what a budding popstar’s life would look like. I have no doubt that it’s just as hard in real life, and I appreciate all the effort and research the author must have put into it! I would not be able to make it in a world where relationships are hard to maintain and my day is a blur of activity, so hats off to all the people that manage that!

The characters and character development were amazing. Seeing Dani’s mom would run her ragged to form her into popstar material, and then unintentionally reveal that she was in it for the money all along, I was really able to appreciate how lucky I am to have the fantastic and supportive parents I do. Also, everyone give a round of applause for Dani’s boyfriend, Sean, for making it work even when Dani was far away and too busy or tired to call or text. I hope everyone has a person like that in their life!

I had a great time with this book! I will definitely revisit the series when it’s time for book two, Burning Bright, to come out!

The Scribe Owl