• Doing Things A Little Differently
    It’s hard not to get caught up in a routine.  Morning coffee, homework, working out, household chores – no matter who you are or what stage of life you’re in, you probably have a routine that works for you.  Routines are mindless, easy.   They take the worry and thinking out of life – just plod along the well-worn… Continue reading Doing Things A Little Differently
  • Back To Work!
    Today I’m heading back to work.  I’m starting the final book in my YA series, The Rise and Fall of Dani Truehart.  While I didn’t get everything I wanted accomplished during my month off, I got a lot done.  More important, though, I was able to take a much needed moment to breath and relax. Finishing my second book,… Continue reading Back To Work!
  • Top Ten Ideas Valentine’s Day
    Spend the entire day speaking in nothing but conversation heart phrases. Not sure how much you’ll get done, but it’ll be interesting! Host a virtual “Galentine’s Day”  Party – celebrate your besties with a safe, socially distanced soiree.  (Don’t think I’ve forgotten about the men – yours is a Palentine’s Day Party – you’re welcome!) Grab a… Continue reading Top Ten Ideas Valentine’s Day
  • Thank you!
    Last week was an exciting week for me!  I was interviewed by my hometown newspaper, I received more positive reviews for my book, my agent said she liked the second installment to my series, I was asked to autographed my book for someone and I received my first royalty check.  Not too shabby for a small-town mom… Continue reading Thank you!
  • Percolating
    I’m a week into my month-long vacation from writing.  I’ve finally taken down my Christmas tree, the decorations are in boxes ready to be put away and half my closet is cleaned out.   I’m not moving as quickly as I would like, but it’s progress.  I’m also working daily to promote my book, exercise and catch up with… Continue reading Percolating